Battery Barricade Light

Battery Barricade Light
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Battery Powered Collt Barricade Light

Options include voltage, LED, type of flash, lens color, and for higher quantities you can pick base color and have the option of hot stamping the lights.

Voltage - standard is 6 volt, which means it takes one battery to operate. 12 Volt means two batteries are required for it to operate, but it will last twice as long before the batteries die out.

LED - LED is an option that costs $2.50 extra. LED barricade lights shine significantly brighter than regular barricade lights, and have longer battery/bulb life compared to regular barricade lights.

Type of Flash - Lights can be Flashing or Steady Burn (constant light), unfortunately there isn't a switch on Collt barricade lights to alternate between flashing and steady burn, they are made for either or.

Lens Color - is typically yellow/amber, so if you would like a red, green or clear lens it will cost $2.00 extra. Blue lens are also available if you order over 500 lights, and are special order so please call if interested.

Hot Stamping - is the process of stamping custom letters onto barricade lights. This is only available if you order 100 or more. Please call about this if you are interested.

Base Color - this will always be yellow and can only be changed to a different color if you order 500 or more as it would be a custom production run. Please call if interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take for the batteries to run out of life in this unit? The battery life is about 60-90 days for 6 volt units, and 90-120 days for 12 volt units.

Do you have clear, red, blue or green lens? We do carry these lenses, but please call to see what our stock is as these are considered more special order than an amber lens. Some may require a minimum order. Red and clear are typically in stock. Cost is + $2.00 for these lens.

How long do these units last? The lifetime of these lights is 2-4 years. You can expect at least 2 years, and it’s not uncommon for them to last over 4 years, we say 2-4 average.

Do these flash during the day? Do they turn off automatically? They do not flash during the day because they have a photocell built in which forces them to shut down automatically when the sun comes up.

Do you carry barricade lights which shine 24/7? Yes, please check out our barricade light category page for Type B barricade lights which can easily be seen during the day as they are high intensity lights.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____? This light comes with a bolt and a fastener for each unit. In the base of the unit there is a hole, in bolt threads through this hole and then through a hole in the object which you wish to mount it to, and then gets fastened on the other side. Traffic barriers, looper tubes, traffic drums, barricades and looper tubes are all common traffic safety items these lights can mount to.

Thinking economically, should I choose solar barricade lights or battery powered barricade lights? If you plan to use these lights for 9 months or more, solar barricade lights are better in the long. The reason is battery replacement as well as labor to physically replace the batteries adds up to a point where it is worth it to buy the solar version.