Type III Plastic Barricades 60" Wide

Type III Plastic Barricades 60" Wide
Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level):
Sheeting Configuration:
Regular Price: $132.95
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Type 3 Barricade 60" - Plastic Boards Angle Iron Legs/Uprights

  • Buy these type 3 barricades as assembled units or as separate parts. Barricade legs and boards can be bought separate from each other. For an added convenience, all parts are interchangeable from one of our type 3 barricades to the next.
  • The steel upright frame is made of durable carbon and hot rolled and stands by a 2” x 2” square tubing receiver.
  • We do carry chevron sheeting on our barricades, but pricing is not listed. Please call for pricing.
  • The design of the base allows fastening to be short term or permanent.
  • Protection is given to the frame and base from powder coated enamel paint.
  • We have published the prices above for 1” x 8” barricade boards, 2” x 8” boards are available but you will need to call to get pricing. Boards include end caps to help get rid of the tightening problems commonly found on hollow core boards, they end caps give support to the boards.


Base Dimensions: 60.00" long X 1.50" (each side)
Base Material: Hot rolled high carbon steel
Base Weight: 8.5 lbs
Board Length: 5'
Board Material: UV Stabilized polymer with cold weather protection package
Board Thickness: 1.00" or 2.00"
Board Width: 8.00"
Center to Center Dimensions: 20.00" minimum
Colors: White
Height of Sheeting Above Roadway: 60.00" minimum
Height of Top Board Above the Roadway: 60.00" minimum
Height of bottom panel / board off roadway: 12.00" minimum
Reflective Sheeting: Many options available
Upright Dimensions: 63.00"
Upright Material: Hot rolled high carbon steel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reflective sheeting?
The orange and white stripes you see on the beams are strips of reflective sheeting, which help automobiles see the barricades better. Diamond grade is the most reflective grade of sheeting, Hi Intensity is the next grade down and Engineer grade is the least reflective. Though Engineer grade is the least reflective, it works perfectly fine more most applications.

Can I mount barricade lights on these units?
Yes, each side of the barricade can hold a barricade light so if you want you can mount two lights on each barricade.

Can I request the sheeting to point in a certain direction?
Yes, either let us know over the phone or in the order notes.

Do you have any barricades over 144”?
We can do custom sizes and even can do Chevron sheeting, please call for a quote.

What is a more economical material for type 3 barricades: plastic or wood?
Because the weights of these units and pricing are so similar, it’s a tie on this one.

If I bought these today, when can I expect to see them?
Many factors go into lead time, so the best thing to do is call to get an up to date time frame. Transit time 1-3 days on the West Coast and 4-5 days on the East Coast.