Water Fillable Closure X

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Water Fillable Runway Closure X

Meets Requirements

FAA AC 150/5340-1H, 150/5370-2E


  • Made up of solid yellow vinyl coated fabric for great visibility and durability.
  • Convenient anchoring is accomplished by filling a 3 inch "Fire Hose" bladder that runs the entire perimeter of the vinyl sheet.
  • Water bladder is resistant to wind and is more "forgiving" than sandbags or stakes in the event of an aircraft strike
  • Material is mildew and U.V. resistant as well as double seamed for durability.
  • Easy removal is allowed by opening a drain at the low point of the bladder. Approximately 50 gallons of water is required per one half of the "X".


  • Each leg of the "X" is unrolled and located over the runway numbers or other chosen location.
  • Approximately 50 gallons of water is pumped or gravity flowed into the 3/4" hose fitting in the 3" diameter bladder. A vent is opened on the other end of the bladder and a short extension hose is attached and elevated to ensure complete filling of the bladder.

HEAVY DUTY MODEL: withstands harsher plane impacts and harsher weather than a typical marker.

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