Return Policy

Our return policy is constructed based on our manufacturer's return policy, but if a product arrives with defects or is damaged in transit we will replace that product free of charge. In these cases we typically ask that you ship the product back (we will pay for shipping fees incurred). When a product comes in that is obviously damaged due to transit (boxes heavily dented, boxes open etc) please make sure to note the damages/problems on the bill of lading before signing.

If the product stops working after being used, we will look up manufacturers warranty on that product to see what their policy is. If a product is found defective due to manufacturing error and was being used under normal conditions, while still under the warranty period, our supplier will take the product back.

If a product stops 'working' and is outside of the manufacturer's warranty terms (either because it is past the warranty period or the issue was not due to manufacturer's defect) we will not be able to replace the product free of charge but will do our best to help you either fix or locate a vendor that can replace or fix that product.

We are always willing to work with you, so please give us a call if you have any issues.