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arrow boards, traffic message boards, traffic message board, arrow board, arrowboard, arrowboardsHave you seen arrow boards with other colors besides just yellow as the text?  I am not talking about orange or amber text, I am talking like blue or red.  I am just curious to see if it exists.

If you have heard of it, drop me a line below and let me know where you saw it.  Maybe they use different text colors for emergencies?

arrow boards, arrow board, arrowboards, arrowboard, traffic message boards, traffic message boardWhen you think of the 4th of July, you probably don’t think about arrow boards.  But, on this trip to Ohio I feel like I am going to end up seeing more arrow boards than fireworks.

So far I have been driving for about 2 hours (actually less) and have seen at least 10 arrow boards.  This is not including the arrow boards I have seen on trucks and plows.

traffic message boards, traffic message board, traffic arrow board, arrow boards, arrowboardsThough one may expect traffic message boards to only be for those companies on the side of the road doing construction, they are for other purposes as well.  National Parks sometimes use them to warn or inform drivers who are driving next to or on the National Park.

Whether it is a special event or a fire, it is always good for the Parks to be able to communicate with the people driving by.  Traffic message boards make this communication possible.

traffic message board, traffic message boards, arrow board, arrowboards, arrow boards, arrowboard, traffic control message boardsIf you are driving around and wondering what is the difference between one traffic message board and another, well chances are there is not a big difference.  Some arrow boards have more LEDs than others, but LEDs are not the only indication of how bright the lights are.

It’s also important to look at the amount of wattage that powers the message board, because the more wattage there is the brighter is usually is.  Check for both of these features before buying a message board.

arrow boards, arrowboards, arrow board, arrowboard, traffic message board, traffic message boards, traffic control message boardsYou may not know much about arrow boards, but it is important to know they are there for your safety.  On your commute to work, you may notice big traffic message boards that say “click it or ticket.”  These are actually not arrow boards, although most think they are.

An arrow board is just an arrow that is presented on an LED screen.  There are not words on them at all, all they can show is arrows.  They are usually put on the back of snow plows, a paver etc. to tell people to move to the next lane.