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type 3 barricades, traffic barricades, traffic barricade, construction barricade, type 3 barricadeIf driving around the highway this summer, you have a good chance to see some type 3 barricades.  It may confuse you though, because sometimes the type 3 barricades are not wide.  When I think of type 3 barricades I think of a barricade that is around 8-10 feet wide.

Traffic barricades are the general term, and type 3 barricades are the more specific term, when talking about barricades.  Parade barricades are mostly there for pedestrians.

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, solar powered barricade light, solar powered barricade lightsIf you see solar barricade lights, that is lights that attach to either a barricade, traffic drum, or airport barricade, and they are in an airport, chances are they are red.  It is required by the FAA that these lights are red.

If you are on the road, you will see these lights in yellow most of the time.  You may occasionally find them in red or blue, but blue is more common on railroads and like mentioned earlier, red is usually found in airports.

type 3 barricade, type 3 barricades, type iii barricade, type iii barricades, traffic barricades, traffic barricade, traffic safety products, traffic safety storeThere are a few different types when it comes to a type 3 barricade.  You can get it in plastic or plywood, usually.  They can also either be a permanent or temporary solution, depending on the job.

Other options include reflective tape, width of the boards, and which way you want the reflective tape to slant.  Either way, make sure whoever you buy from has the option you are looking for because if they don’t, I am sure you can find another supplier that has that option.

solar barricade lights, solar lights, barricade lights, solar barricade light, traffic safety store, traffic safety productsHow long do solar barricade lights last?  The best way to measure this is to find out how long the battery lasts in the barricade light.  Because it is solar, it is charged by the sun, but there is still a battery which can sometimes be replaced.

The best way to know is to call the manufacturer and ask.  It may be worth your while to find out if these battery can be replaced, how easy it is to replace them and how much it costs.

traffic message boards, traffic message board, traffic arrow board, arrow boards, arrowboardsThough one may expect traffic message boards to only be for those companies on the side of the road doing construction, they are for other purposes as well.  National Parks sometimes use them to warn or inform drivers who are driving next to or on the National Park.

Whether it is a special event or a fire, it is always good for the Parks to be able to communicate with the people driving by.  Traffic message boards make this communication possible.