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I have mentioned in my other posts that there are about three main colors when it comes to solar barricade lights; yellow, red and blue.  When someone comes to me looking for a blue solar light, they seem to always need them for railroads.

I am not an expert in the railroad industry, but I assume that a there must be a requirement that the lights are blue.  Another common feature is magnetic bottoms.

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, solar construction light, type b barricade light, traffic safety products, traffic safety storeBecause there are solar barricade lights that are significantly cheaper than others, naturally some distributors and manufacturers are going to call others fake.  In fact there are some that look identical but are a lot cheaper.

This can mean that that particular light has either been modeled after the original light.  I am not sure if that means it is ‘counterfeit’ or ‘fake’, but to me, if a light works and meets the specs, that should be your primary concern.

arrow boards, traffic message boards, traffic message board, arrow board, arrowboard, arrowboardsHave you seen arrow boards with other colors besides just yellow as the text?  I am not talking about orange or amber text, I am talking like blue or red.  I am just curious to see if it exists.

If you have heard of it, drop me a line below and let me know where you saw it.  Maybe they use different text colors for emergencies?

type 3 barricades, type 3 barricade, traffic barricade, plastic traffic barricades, plastic traffic barricade, traffic safety products, traffic safety storeWhether you know it or not, type 3 barricades are either made out of plastic or wood.  And it isn’t as simple as just that.  You can also get traffic barricades that are either ‘blow molded’ or ‘injection molded’.

The difference is that one is ‘filled’ with plastic in the panel while the other panel is hollow.  This means that if a panel that is filled is hit with a car, chances are it will hold the impact better than a panel that is hollow.

solar barricade lights, solar barricade light, barricade light, type b barricade lights, solar type b barricade lightsI know of at least 4 different brands of solar barricade lights, which means there are at least 4 different models out there.  What are the differences?  Well, from what I have seen the main difference is just the way it looks.

Most people in the traffic safety industry who know a decent amount about solar barricade lights can tell the brand of light just by looking at it, which means the main difference is in fact the design.  This doesn’t mean that some of the specs like how long they last are not different, but just suggests that they aren’t as varied as you may think.