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5 Places You Didn’t Expect a Traffic Cone to Show Up

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 By: admin

Aside from their most commonly held real estate both in road construction and airport runways, traffic cones have notoriously been an item that show up in the most bizarre places. Because many times traffic cones are left out for days or weeks at a time, they are easy to sneak away with. Although we don’t condone stealing cones we have to chuckle when items that are intended to direct traffic wind up anywhere and everywhere besides the streets. Here are five places you would never expect to see a traffic cone:


Okay I guess a traffic cone showing up at a party wouldn’t be the weirdest thing.. but they are certainly used in the weirdest ways. Looking for a quick Madonna costume? Take two traffic cones and tape them to your chest. We’ve even seen a person paint themselves black and attach cones to them as a street costume. They can also be used as a fun party game in a backyard as an obstacle to jump over, around and even on. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

On a beach

You’re heading to the beach and you’ve got your sunscreen, towel, beach ball and music. But do you have your traffic cones? Everyone likes fun beach soccer game and cones make the scoring more official. Cones could also be used to make sand castles, hold drinks and mark your territory.

In a bakery

In this economy, who isn’t looking to save money? Cones can be used like funnels would be used in a bakery setting. Looking for a tool to squeeze frosting out of? How about an easy way to separate egg whites? A small cone might be what your bakery is missing.

Inside a Bedroom

It’s hard to find unique furniture. There is no shame in using a traffic cone as home décor like as a lamp shade, flower pot or table stand. It might not always be the most attractive piece of furniture but it will always be the brightest.

On a polar bear

Polar Bear Unicorn - Traffic Cone on Nose

Enough Said.