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The Rundown on Rumble Strips

Monday, April 6, 2020 By: Brandon


  1. The first thing to know: what speed limit will my rumble strips need to be approved for?  We have strips that are only designed for up to 35 mph, and we have others designed for 40 mph+.  If you put a slow speed strip on  a fast road such as a highway, you will end up with a mess on your hands.
  2. Some states may require your strips are DOT approved, approval varies state to state.
  3. The slower speed strips take (3) 46″ long sections to a make up one long strip (11′ lane).  Usually it’s 3 long strips in each lane in each direction, meaning you would need 3x3x2 (the x2 is for each way) or 18 strips total to cover 1 lane in each direction.  That is our most common order size.
  4. The faster strip we sell is one 11′ section, so our most common order would be 6 strips covering one 11′ lane in each direction.

If you need more info or would like a quote on either strip we carry, email us at

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Key Aspects When Shopping For A Traffic Message Board

Monday, April 6, 2020 By: Brandon

  1. Figure out the size you need.  When talking size we are almost always talking about the size of the display itself, although the trailer size can be important if you don’t have much space on the street.  Display sizes available: 3′ x 6′, 4′ x 8′, 6′ x 10.5′, & 6′ x 11.5′.
  2. Do you need it to display images?  We aren’t talking full color landscape photos, just simple road safety type images like a worker symbol or a flagger symbol.  If you do need this, it’s called ‘Full Matrix’
  3. How long does it last without sun?  All our units are designed to be able to go 21 days without the sun.
  4. Popular add ons that typically cost extra: modem option gives you the ability to change the message remotely over the internet without going up to the board & radar option so you can display a car’s speed as it goes by.

It’s important to try and not get lost in the details because it can get as technical as buying a car with these units.  Focus on what you need, read through the spec sheets provided, and more often than not these will come ‘out of the box’ with everything you would require and more.

Email if you need help getting a quote.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015 By: admin

20150323_132837 (1)

Stenciling is an option on almost 100% of our products.  From barriers to delineators to traffic cones, just let us know what you need and we can let you know the cost.  Cost varies product to product, and if you need special options besides the standard stencil font or color we would have to quote you special.

Stenciling or hot stamping images is not easy, but we do have stickers that can be adhered to these products.  They are a weather resistant vinyl that come in full color.  Price depends on quantity and size of sticker.

This can be a great way to keep track of which traffic control products are yours, promote your brand and company name or just a way to personalize your products.  Contact us if interested!

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Delineation Devices

Thursday, August 13, 2015 By: admin

Here we talk about three different types of delineation devices.  Delineation is basically the act of separating traffic or keeping traffic away from a certain area.  This can be important in toll booth lanes, parking lots, college campuses where you have foot traffic and pedestrian traffic and in a lot of other scenarios.

Parade Barricades are great for blocking off road ways and separating motorists from events like parades, food festivals and more.  They have a ‘friendly’ look than a typical orange traffic control device.  They also are longer and will cover a greater distance for each unit.

Ringtop Delineators are good for when you are separating traffic in parking lots, warning pedestrian of construction zones and alerting people that a working area is coming up.  These are very affordable, and portable.  The ring on top makes putting caution tape or plastic chain link fence through easy.

Vertical Panels…

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Mounting Barricade Lights

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 By: admin

Most traffic control products are designed to accept barricade lights.  From Ringtop Delineators, A Frame Barricades to Traffic Drums these products all have holes specifically placed on the product to make mounting easy.  With that said, it’s important to know how big of a bolt is required for a given product.

For example, this Ringtop Delineator requires a 4″ long bolt in order to mount a light on, and most barricade lights come standard with 3 1/2″ bolts.  If you need these mounted for a job and don’t find that out until the day of, someone is going to have to run to Home Depot and avoiding that all together is always better.

Some products like the water fillable jersey barriers don’t have specific spots for barricade lights.  The best bet for mounting these is to get a ‘U Clamp’ which can be found at local hardware stores.  Sometimes you need to get creative and rig something up, but barricade lights can ultimately fit on plastic jersey barriers.