Most people are surprised at the cost of traffic safety products.  They assume a traffic cone is $5 and a traffic drum can’t be more than $20.  The reason it’s more than most would imagine is because of the safety standards the products need to meet and the reflective sheeting that needs to be applied.  But the reason for this post is to help you save the most money possible on your next traffic safety purchase.  Here are some tips:

Buy In Bulk

If you purchase a few pallets of product three or more times a year, consider buying all at once.  For one you can negotiate a better price per unit when you buy in larger quantities.  Two, you save a lot on shipping.  For example, if you are shipping twenty traffic cones you will probably pay $4-5 per cone for shipping.  If you purchase one hundred cones it may be closer to $1.50-2 per cone for shipping.

Find The Nearest Manufacturer

Once you know who the nearest manufacturer is, you can begin to search for that brand of product.  A lot of companies (including us) drop ship our goods straight from the manufacturer.  If you are in New York find a northeast manufacturer then go from there.   Otherwise you may end up purchasing from a manufacturer in California and pay the freight cost to bring the product cross-country!

Manage Freight Costs

Freight can be 20% or more of the total cost of your purchase.  Be sure that whoever is shipping your product gets good freight discounts.  If the price seems a bit high and you are part of a big company/organization, there may heavily discounted shipping accounts that you can use.  Ask a higher up about any LTL (pallet shipments) or UPS/FedEx accounts your organization may have.  For us, we get great rates because we ship through the manufacturer’s account and they get large volume discounts.  But when shopping elsewhere, it never hurts to ask around.


Below are examples of shipping quotes I have given my customers in the past for various quantities of airport barricades going to various destinations.  The first half is the Eastern part of the US, the second half is the Western part of the US.  Look for a quantity similar to yours as well as a destination close by to get an idea of what freight will cost on these.  These quotes don’t include lights or flags, so that adds a bit extra.

And as always, contact us and we will get you a full, exact estimate ASAP if you need one.

Past Airport Barricade Freight Quotes:

(14) Units to North Little Rock, AR 72114 = $278

(70) Units to Broken Arrow, OK 74012 = $825

(4)  Units to Morganfield, KY 42437 = $160

(80) Units to North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 = $755

(38) Units to La Vista, NE 68128 = $485

(200) Units to Trenton, NJ 08601 = $1575

(49) Units to Jefferson, GA 49091 = $545

(88) Units to Mesa, AZ 85209 = $730

(21) Units to San Leandro, CA 94578 = $265

(50) Units to Albuquerque, NM 87109 = $625

(64) Units to El Paso, TX 79925 = $600

(320) Units to Klamath Falls, OR 97601 = $2400

Our 42 x 72 Guardian Jersey Barrier that ships from California is popular on the West Coast because of it’s central location to many of those customers.  However, freight is still important, and if you don’t have time to wait look below for past examples of freight rates for various quantities and destinations.  As always email us at for an exact quote!

California Barrier 100lb Past Shipping Quotes:

(2)   Barriers to Irvine, CA 92614    =   $122

(2)   Barriers to Berkeley, CA 94703 =  $199

(4)   Barriers to Shafter, CA 93263  =  $180

(10)  Barriers to Hayward, CA 94545 = $499

(46)  Barriers to Banks, OR 97106   =  $1900


Side Notes:

Rates are always assuming you are shipping to a commercial location with a loading dock/forklift.  Churches, residences, schools, apartment complexes, colleges are considered ‘limited access’ by freight companies and they cost extra.  If you don’t have access to a forklift but someone is around to help you unload the truck, there are no extra charges.  If you want the truck driver to unload the pallet this is called a ‘lift gate’ delivery and costs an extra $75.  As always, you can contact us for an exact quote at


Our 42 x 72 Guardsafe Barrier that ships from Pennsylvania is popular with our East Coast customers.  When waiting for a shipping quote isn’t an option (it can take a few hours to get a shipping rate) check out our past quotes below to get an idea of what it will cost.  If you need an exact cost email us with the quantity needed and zip code at  We will email you back a formal quote ASAP.

Past Quotes, 100lb Barriers From PA:

(3)  Barriers to Lugoff, SC 29078 = $281
(5)  Barriers to New Hyde Park, NY 11042 = $442
(10) Barriers to New Hyde Park, NY 11042 = $554
(12) Barriers to New York, NY 11222 = $515
(25) Barriers to Howell, NJ 07731 = $441
(25) Barriers to King of Prussia, PA 19406 = $459
(52) Barriers to Orlando, FL 32827 = $2,950

How to Read This?

The best way to read this is to find a quote that shipped near you, and then adjust based on quantity.  So let’s say we are in Middleton, NJ and we need (15) barriers.  It cost $441 to get (25) barriers to Howell, NJ (per the above past quotes) and Middleton is a little bit further away.  Assuming it will be about 65% of the price at $286 should be fairly close.  Need an exact quote?  No problem, send us an email at

Extra Notes:

Notice how going right into Manhattan or really anywhere that’s a concrete jungle can add 25-30% to the shipping cost?  This is due to tolls, and how hard it can be for trucks to navigate and deliver in those areas.  So please remember this when estimating your freight cost.  Another note is that forklifts and/or loading docks are always suggested for shipments as these will come on pallets.  We can do a ‘lift gate’ delivery (drivers lowers barriers to the ground for you per their equipment) but this costs an additional $75.

Overnighting ShipmentsIf you have recently tried to overnight something that’s anywhere from 5 to 10lbs you would have realized the prices have really skyrocketed over the years.  I have customers that want to overnight something ‘whatever the cost’ but I always make sure they know what that cost is, because typically when they hear it they decide to go another route.

For example, shipping a box of 10 barricade lights (a heavier version than a standard light, but still not a huge difference) overnight from Illinois to California was just quoted to me at $450.  Yes, that’s almost $500 for 10 lights.

Some other examples – 5 solar barricade lights overnight-ed from California to Texas was $115.  16 lights from Texas to Montana was $244 and 5 small airport lights from California to Oklahoma was $99.

Now once we get into products that are a little less ‘box friendly’ with bigger dimensions and awkward shapes things start to really spike up in price.  How about 8 stack-able ultra panels (without bases) going from California to North Carolina for $378 at 3rd Day Select?  Keep in mind that’s not overnight, or 2 day, that’s a 3 day shipment for $378.  And I had one customer request a quote on a type 3 plastic barricade 72″ wide, just 1 was $250 to overnight from CA to Louisiana.

So please keep this in mind when you want to get something overnight-ed.  Always get the quote first before you tell them to ship as it gets very expensive very fast!  We would be happy to get a quote for you.