The Rundown on Rumble Strips

Monday, April 6, 2020 By: Brandon


  1. The first thing to know: what speed limit will my rumble strips need to be approved for?  We have strips that are only designed for up to 35 mph, and we have others designed for 40 mph+.  If you put a slow speed strip on  a fast road such as a highway, you will end up with a mess on your hands.
  2. Some states may require your strips are DOT approved, approval varies state to state.
  3. The slower speed strips take (3) 46″ long sections to a make up one long strip (11′ lane).  Usually it’s 3 long strips in each lane in each direction, meaning you would need 3x3x2 (the x2 is for each way) or 18 strips total to cover 1 lane in each direction.  That is our most common order size.
  4. The faster strip we sell is one 11′ section, so our most common order would be 6 strips covering one 11′ lane in each direction.

If you need more info or would like a quote on either strip we carry, email us at

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