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Traffic Cone

Friday, April 2, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic cones, traffic cone, construction cone, construction cones, safety cones, safety cone, orange cone, orange conesMost people know what a traffic cone is, those orange cones on the side of the road usually involved in some sort of contruction.  Or you may see them on the soccer field, as a drill to dribble between with the soccer ball (called sports cones).  Traffic cones have a few different options, such as reflective tape.

You can get different grades of reflective tape, such as engineer grade, hi intensity or diamond grade.  Traffic cones can come in different weights, because heavier cones may be needed to make sure they don’t blow over.  A safety cone can come in different colors too, yellow, orange, blue, green etc.

traffic cones, traffic cone, safety cones, safety cone, orange cone, orange cones, construction cones, construction coneIt seems like the thing to do when you are drunk.  It’s funny, and harmless right?  Think again, stealing traffic cones can get you in big trouble, especially because they are usually owned by the city.  It’s easy to find many stories on the internet about kids who got drunk, stole a traffic cone, and got in a lot of trouble.

One story I stumbled upon was where a couple of drunk people jumped out of the car (the driver wasn’t drinking, lucky for him) and stole some traffic cones and brought them back into the car.  The sober driver tried to tell them to put the cones down before they got in, but they wouldn’t budge.  Long story short, a cop saw them and charged two of them with a Class “C” misdemeanor.  Next time you reach for that traffic cone think again!

safety cones, safety cone, traffic cone, traffic cones, orange cone, orange cones, construction cone, construction conesThere are different brands of safety cones?  Yes, more than one manufacturer of safety cones exist.  In fact, there are many.  Most companies that make traffic cones make other products as well (traffic barricades, delineator posts, etc).  So what’s the difference between one brand and the next?

Well, the answer is there isn’t too much of a difference.  Of course some are going to have more plastic, be more reflective or just stand up to the weather better.  Aesthetically, there are minimal differences – the base is a little longer, the top a little narrower, but it’s what they are made of and how they are made that counts.  Some believe that safety cones coming from China are of a lesser quality, so try and find out where your cones are coming from and whether they will stand up to what you need them for.

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Emergency Traffic Cones

Thursday, February 25, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic cone, traffic cones, orange cone, orange cones, orange traffic cone, orange traffic cones, safety cones, safety coneWe have all been witness to an accident that just happened, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that carrying around some sort of warning device for accidents is a good idea.  You get distracted on your cell phone and look up and there is a car that isn’t moving.  If you are that car, it’s important to carry around traffic cones or some other sort of warning device so that people can easily tell you need to be avoided.

Carrying around traffic cones in the back of your car is obviously not very practical, but luckily there is a solution.  There are companies out there that make inflatable traffic cones, that will inflate via a pump that is built in.  Think about which size is best – 24″ is most likely the standard for this type of use.  There are many options – reflective tape, weights to keep them from blowing over, and even blinking LED lights at the top.

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Traffic cones – industry options

Monday, February 1, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic cones, orange cones, traffic cone, construction cone, road coneTraffic cones usually have a few options available, so when you are updating your inventory, it’s important to know what your choices are.  The first and most obvious option is the size of the traffic cone.  They usually range from 6″ to 36″, the industry generally makes them in 6″, 12″, 18″, 28″ and 36″.  Again, before picking the exact type of cone you want, it’s important to see the specs of the job.

Reflective collars (or reflective tape) is very popular, because traffic cones are usually used on roads (although sometimes people use sports cones).  Usually people choose a 4″ and a 6″ band on their cones, but customizing is always an option as well.  Weights are also important because you want to make sure the cone doesn’t fall over.  10lb is the most common for the taller cones.  The least common option is changing the color from the standard orange to something like flourescent green or yellow, commonly used around car washes.  Higher quantities are usually required for this.