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Be Careful of the Traffic Cones

Thursday, April 25, 2013 By: admin

traffic cone, traffic cones, orange cone, orange traffic cones, orange traffic cone, safety cones, safety coneCrazy night out on the town and you see a traffic cone, what’s going to happen?  Many people will take the cone and run with it on their head for a while, some may even decide  it would be a great addition to their dorm room or apartment.  But not so fast, stealing a traffic cone is actually grounds for a FELONY.

How many cops are going to give you a felony for stealing a traffic cone?  Most likely a very small majority, but just be smart out there.  You give them too much of a hard time and you never know what could happen.  This goes for all traffic safety supplies you see on the road like barricade lights and parade barricades.  Think twice before you grab them!

traffic cone, traffic cones, safety cone, safety cones, orange cone, orange cones, construction cone, construction cones, 28lb cones, 28lb coneA traffic cone can either be made a specific weight that is suitable for a particular job, or it can have weights put on top of the base in order to keep it down.  Traffic cones may need to be a certain weight for a variety of reasons.  It could be that you need them to stay up to high winds.

It could be that you need them to stay up even when hit by a car, though less likely.  To explore the different weight options, first find out the weight of the cone and then the accessories they offer in order to increase the weight of the traffic cone and keep it down.

traffic cone, traffic cones, orange cone, orange cones, safety cone, safety cones, highway cones, road conesA traffic cone is pretty simple, so you may be surprised to see a post about traffic cone problems.  Well, they do exist, and the majority of the time it has to do with the quality of the cone.  One issue with traffic cones may be the material it is made out of.

Always be weary of a traffic cone that comes from China.  They can become disfigured under the heat and turn different colors.  Other issues include the quality of the reflective tape.  Try looking into these issues before purchasing traffic cones.

Traffic Cone Problems

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic cone, traffic cones, orange cone, orange traffic cones, orange traffic cone, safety cones, safety coneTraffic cones are all over the place.  On the highway, in your local village, on the football field.  They come in all types of colors and sizes, with different weights as well.  But, sometimes people have problems with their traffic cone.

What could these problems be?  Well, for one it could break or the color could fade out.  If the cone has been run over chances are it is broken, and you will have to get a new one.  If the cone is faded into a different color, try switching suppliers the cones could have came China.

traffic cones, traffic cone, construction cone, construction cones, safety cones, safety cone, orange cone, orange cones, Where are traffic cones used most?  Well, chances are you can find them on the side of the road while you are taking that all-too-long drive home from or to work.  Or you may see them in your local town, protecting traffic or warning traffic of a ditch.

Traffic cones can be on the side of the road, or even on the soccer field!  The varieties and options on traffic cones means that there are a multitude of applications for them.