A Good Type III Traffic Barricade

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic barricade

There are many different types of type III traffic barricades, many different brands, and many different options.  But before purchasing your barricade, try and find out some of these details to make sure you have a quality product.  Make sure the barricade is NCHRP-350 approved, this is a way of making sure it lives up to regulation standards.

When someone buys traffic safety equipment, they usually don’t use it for that long.  That doesn’t mean that some uses aren’t long though, so making sure your product will last can be important.  Try to make sure the paint is good, weather resistant baked enamel paint is some of the best.  Next week we will blog more about type III barricades, so look for a type 3 barricade post coming soon.

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