Traffic Barriers – What?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic barrier, traffic barriers, orange barriers, orange barrier, construction barrier, MB350 barrier, MB350 barriersA lot of people don’t know what a traffic barrier is.  Well, this post is to explain some of the common features found in traffic barriers.  Traffic barriers are lot more heavy duty than a standard traffic barricade, for example.  They are designed to take the impact of a vehicle and redirect it.

Before buying a traffic barrier, make sure it is NCHRP-350 approved, meaning it meets the requirements and can take an impact at different levels.  Level 1 is 30MPH, level 2 is 45MPH and level 3 is 62.5MPH.  They are usually used to replace concrete medians, and are set up in long, long sections.

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