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Type D Warning Lights [Price for 5]

Solar Assist Option
Generic Mfg
Regular Price: $224.75
On Sale For: $214.75 ($42.95 / each)

Type D Warning Light

Lead Time: 1-2 Business Days To Ship Typically


  • 360 Degree visibility is provided by the Type D light


  • No more worrying about alignment problems with twisted drums
  • If you are looking into ITE specs, this light surpasses the I.T.E. purchase specs for a Type D light
  • Only voltage available is 3 volt (D Cell). Solar Assist option available.
  • Needs 4 D Cell batteries to operate, batteries not included.


Note: The solar assist version is not meant for the top to pop off like it shows in the picture. That's just to show you where the solar panels are.



Frequently Asked Questions


How long do batteries inside this light?
With the solar assist option, the sun ‘trickle-charges’ the batteries causing the batteries to last 90-120 days. Without the solar assist, the batteries last 60-90 days.

Do you carry red, blue, green or clear lens? We don’t want yellow lens
Yes we typically have red and clear, however please call about green and blue.

How long do these units last?
The most accurate range we have come up with is 3-5 years, many units last past 5 years.

Do these flash during the day? Do they turn off automatically?
They do not flash during the day; they have a photocell which forces them to shut down automatically when the sun comes up. This is convenient because no one has to go around and shut them off manually.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?
Each unit comes with a bolt and a fastener, so simply thread the bolt through the hole in the base of the light as well as through the mountable object and fasten on the other side. These are great on barricades or orange barrels because if they get turned around, the 360 degree dome means the flash can be seen from any angle.