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Airport & Taxiway Lights

Save money without sacrificing on quality when you purchase airport lights from Transportation Supply. Our solar-powered runway lights come in multiple styles and variants to match your airport's needs. Our solar airport lights fit atop our airport barricades to provide temporary illumination and airfield lighting during nighttime operations. Solar runway lights and airport LED lighting can save airports thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetime. Each of our taxiway lights is easy to install and replace without the use of complicated tooling. If you need other airport supply products, we also have more airport LED lights, airport barriers, sand barrels, and more. Get solar-powered airport lights from Transportation Supply today.

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Solar Airport Lights for All Airport Environments

Trans Supply has what you are looking for when it comes to solar airport lights, including high-intensity type B lights and 360 dual-function lights. These are fully solar, FAA-approved airport lights that work in all types of airport environments.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Airport Lights

Solar-powered runway lights are low-maintenance and good for the environment. Since there are no batteries to change, you can install them and not have to worry about them. Type B lights are designed for use 24/7 and are appropriate for use anywhere a high-intensity light is needed. In most cases, eight hours of charging will give a full five days of use.

Most of the airport lights provided by Trans Supply have one or two-year warranties and are designed to last even longer—for more than five years. These are high-quality products that are made for easy installation.

Solar Airport Lights Supplied By Experts

At Trans Supply, we know a thing or two about airport lights, including solar-powered runway lights. We can help you find the right product for you and are happy to help you with shipping rates or times. Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service all the time.

After browsing through our selection of solar-powered airport lights, use our easy online shopping cart to place your order. Contact us and let us know if you need special colors, as these can be custom ordered.