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ADA Compliant Traffic Products

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Accommodation for Disabilities

Here at Trans Supply we try and offer as many different types of traffic safety products as possible. Per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the amendments that came thereafter, all public entities need to accommodate those with disabilities. This of course stretches on to traffic safety, and many work zones now need to be ADA compliant.

Emerging Field

All the products on this page are ADA compliant and are designed with those with disabilities in mind. We will be expanding this with more ADA pedestrian barricades, detectable warning tiles and barricade lights as more suppliers release these products. Right now there are only a select number of products like this. If you have questions as to what is or is not compliant we will do our best to help you.

ADA Pedestrian Barricades

These ADA barricades are designed so the person walking around a work zone has something to hold on to as a guide as they make their way across the area. You will also notice no protruding feet or parts making them anti-trip. Adjusting these barricades to different terrain and slopes is not a problem, and neither is adhering them to the custom shape of the work zone.