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Barricade Lights

Meet your project requirements for barricade lighting with high-quality, affordable barricade lights from Trans Supply. In our inventory, you'll find battery-operated LEDs with photocell included for automatic on and off and Type B barricade lights ideal for daytime visibility. We also have many solar barricade light options, including:

  • Red solar barricade lights
  • Yellow solar barricade lights
  • Solar Assist, which combines the energy of the sun with battery backup, extending the life of expensive rechargeable batteries

Meet ADA requirements with audible lights that either emit sound or allow a 20-second custom recorded message. If you need flashing barricade lights, we carry strobe lights, batteries and more. Contact Trans Supply for a barricade lighting quote today!

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Barricade Lights from Top Suppliers

Trans Supply has one of the largest selections of barricade lights anywhere. From standard flashing yellow to green dome lights, we have the construction barricade lights for your project. Here, you can shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting high-quality barricade lighting from one of the top barricade lighting suppliers in the industry.

Long Lasting, Safety-Rated Traffic Barricade Lights

Our barricade lights are fully compliant with standards set by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the Institute of Traffic Engineers specifications for steady burn and flashing warning lights. Both our solar-powered barricade lights and battery-operated lights can be customized to meet your exact specifications, so if you need a special lens color or a certain voltage level, chances are, we can help you get what you need.

Our barricade lighting comes in LED only, no incandescent options. LED barricade lights generally last longer than incandescent bulbs and require less maintenance. If you need help deciding between the two types of traffic or construction barricade lights, call us for more information.

Types of Barricade Lights

Type A lights

  • Low intensity and flash from both sides.
  • Typical uses are on channelizers, road closures, potential hazards, and as warning markers for traffic control signs.
  • These lights are for night use only and are not permissible in daylight.

Type B lights

  • High intensity and flash from one side only.
  • Suitable for similar warning uses as Type A lights, as well as alerting motorists to road hazard signage.
  • Back and hood designs ensure light angles in one direction
  • They are visible in all day/night light conditions.

Type C lights

  • Burn steady and do not flash.
  • Alert motorists about the barricade or traffic safety device itself rather than road hazards.
  • Use a delineator series to guide traffic in poorly lit conditions through obstacles like temporary road construction zones.

Type D lights

  • Provides 360 degree visibility with a dome style lens and may burn steady, flash or both.
  • Eliminates alignment visibility issues on round traffic cones or drums.
  • Type D lights are suitable for industrial uses, including emergency/construction vehicle-mount, during the day or night.

Barricade Lights FAQ

How do barricade lights work?

Barricade lights typically operate using LED technology and are powered by batteries or solar panels. They can emit a steady or flashing light to enhance visibility.

What is a barricade light?

Barricade lights increase visibility of traffic safety products in any weather or time of day.

Can any barricade light be seen during the day?

Standard barricade lights are NOT designed to be visible during the day. Type B High Intensity Barricade Lights are designed to especially be visible during the day. They often feature highintensity LEDs and reflective materials to ensure their visibility in various lighting conditions, including daylight.

Order Barricade Lights Today

There are a lot of different options when it comes to barricade lights. Be sure to browse our entire collection of barricade lighting and barricades to find what you are looking for. Our barricade lighting experts can help you find solutions for your specific project requirements, so be sure to contact us with any questions you may have!