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28" Fluorescent Green Traffic Cone [Price for 10]

Reflective Collar
Hi-Way Safety
Regular Price: $209.50
On Sale For: $199.50 ($19.95 / each)

28" Fluorescent Green Traffic Cone

  • 28 Inches Tall
  • Weighs 7 lbs
  • Base Dimension: 14 1/2 sq
  • Wall thickness top: .080
  • Wall thickness bottom: .130
  • Conical O.D. Top: 2"
  • Conical I.D. Bottom: 10 1/2"


  • Great visibility - flow-molded layers: The highest light reflection due to UV-stabilized, brilliant fluorescent red-orange over bright white layers.
  • Highest UVA guard possible
  • In Mold Stenciling Available
  • Base is fused and made from rubber like, skid resistant material
  • Feet and spacers are incorporated into the base design so cones can stack without sticking
  • Custom options such as weights and colors available via special order

A recent scientific study by the manufacturer of my cones, as well as other traffic cone makers in the US, proves conclusively that the materials used and method of fabrication produce a cone that is more reflective than an injection molded cone – which is how overseas manufacturers typically make their cone.

These traffic cones meet all the federal and state requirements. On top of that we have the skid-resistant base and an optional in-mold stenciling that can’t be removed which all mean more safety and value for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you explain ‘reflective collars’?
They are white reflective strips that make the cone easier to be seen during the night.

Do you have any products or accessories that can mount to this cone?
We don't sell cone bars or cone lights, at least for now.

How soon can I have these shipped out to me?
Usually it only takes 5 business days for these to go out the door.

What is the shipping charge?
To get the shipping estimate, add the number of cones you need to your cart, and click 'get estimate' on the shopping cart page.