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Fully Solar Type B Barricade Lights [Price for 5]

Color of Lens
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Regular Price: $434.75
On Sale For: $424.75 ($84.95 / each)

High Intensity Solar Type B Light

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The Type B barricade light is a 24 hour, hooded, one sided flashing light which can be placed in school zones, on poles, posts, or anywhere that needs a 24/7 warning.


The Type B Light has universal hardware included.  No preparation necessary, light comes ready-to-use. No external sources of power needed, and no wires necessary.


Type B Light With No Maintenance



Flash Rate: 60 +/- Times/Minute
On/Off Switch: 24 hr./7 day a week operation
Height: 12½ in
Width: 8 in
Depth: 3 in
Weight: 3.2 lbs
Power: 1.6 watt solar panel
Energy: 4 volt lead acid rechargeable battery
Illumination: 9 high intensity LED's
Effective Intensity: 43 candela, uni-directional
Lens material: Lexan (polypropylene)
Base Material: Polypropylene
Hood Material: Polypropylene
Overcharge: Protection built-in
8 Hour Sun Charge: 3.5 days
Security: Security bolt tool included
Attachments: Hardware for most barriers, poles, posts
Vandalism: Replaceable solar panel shield
Warranty: One year limited warranty

Type B Light Frequently Asked Questions

What is the brightness of these type B lights?

Type B barricade lights are much brighter than a standard barricade light.

Can you see this type B light flash during the day?

Yes these 24/7 lights can be seen during the day.

Is this ‘Fully’ Solar or just ‘Solar-Assist’?

These are fully solar units.

What is the typical lifespan for this type B barricade light​?

3-5 years is the average range. Lots of lights will last past 5 years but 3-5 years is the most accurate range we have come up with.

How do these type B lights mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?

Using a bolt and fastener, thread the bolt through the hole in the base of this unit and through a hole in the mountable object and fasten on the other side. Light can mount to most traffic safety items such as traffic drums, barricades, parade barricades etc.

Can we get different colored lenses?

Amber/Yellow and Red lenses are the two kinds of colored lenses offered.

Frequently Asked Questions