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12' Parade Barricade [Price for 5]

Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level)
Sheeting Configuration
Traffix Devices
Regular Price: $444.50
On Sale For: $424.50 ($84.90 / each)
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  • Rugged "double-wall" plastic barricade (A-Frame)
  • Unit is good for both crowd control and road closures
  • Storing, setting up and transporting are easy. Stacking lugs make storage even easier.
  • The legs on this unit are designed to hold as many as two boards, so if you need to add additional beams on later you can.
  • Each leg has a receptacle to hold a barricade light
  • Regular 6lb legs can’t be filled with sand. But 6', 8' and 10' wide barricades can use legs which can fill up with sand to make them 10lbs each.


Colors: White is standard, other colors upon request
Height: 42.00"
Product Weight: 5 lbs each leg
Reflective Sheeting: EG, HI, DG, call for Chevron
Type I: YES
Type II: YES
Width: 28.00"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the drop-down menu options above better?
Ok, single means you want sheeting on one side, Double means you want sheeting on both sides. Engineer Grade, Hi Intensity Grade and Diamond Grade are the different grades of reflectivity of the sheeting. The higher the grade of reflectivity, the easier it will be to see these barricades at night

Can you list the different levels of reflective sheeting?
Engineer Grade is the lowest level, Hi Intensity is one step up and Diamond Grade is the highest level. Most of the time Engineer Grade will work fine.

It can get windy here, will these hold up to the wind?
We have legs that can fill with sand, but only for 6’, 8’ and 10’ wide barricades, not this 12’ one. Adding an extra beam will help hold down the unit.

I need these ASAP, is that possible?
We will do our best to get these out to you in a timely manner. The closer your delivery location is to Chicago, IL the better, but my supplier has a warehouse in Los Angeles as well.

What will I be paying for shipping?
If you add the product to your cart and click 'Get Estimate' on the shopping cart page, it will tell you freight costs. These are typically shipping by freight carriers. Our estimating software works well up to about 30 units, then I would call us and get a custom quote as it may be cheaper than what the online estimate is showing!

Do you carry any parade barricades wider than 12 feet?
Yes, we can do custom lengths that are longer than 12 feet. Please contact us for details.