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LED D Cell Barricade Lights [Price for 10]

Solar Assist Option
D Cell Battery Option
Generic Mfg
Regular Price: $269.50
On Sale For: $249.50 ($24.95 / each)

Model 2006 D-cell 3 Way Barricade Lights


Lead Time: 1-2 Business Days To Ship Typically

Flashing and Steady Burn 3 volt high efficiency lights.


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  • New case is rugged and durable (co-polymer) and has breakaway internal candle.
  • It is easy to service these units as the case is snap-lock and batteries are positioned vertically.
  • To install the batteries simply drop the D cells into the light base and snap-lock the base closed.
  • Because of the design of the case, you can be sure that it will stay closed during transportation and/or rough handling of the lights.
  • Internal damage is reduced via impact absorbing breakaway candles.
  • Trouble free operation due to reliable moisture proof circuitry as well as bright and dependable LED’s.
  • Light can operate on 2 or 4 “D” cell batteries.
  • This light complies with all current ITE purchase specifications referenced in the Federal MUTCD.

Variations of barricade lights explained











Solar Assist Option

There is a solar assist add-on for this light. The light’s solar panel trickle-charges "D" cell Alkaline batteries giving the batteries more life and providing a more reliable barricade light!



Frequently Asked Questions


How long do the batteries last on these units?
With the solar assist option, the sun ‘trickle-charges’ the batteries causing the batteries to last 90-120 days. Without the solar assist, the batteries last 60-90 days.

Do you carry units with red, blue, green or clear lens?
Yes we typically have red and clear, however please call about green and blue.

How long do these units last?
The lifetime of these lights is about 3-5 years. Three years is pretty much the minimum for these, and they have been known to last over five years, but 3-5 is the average range.

Do these flash during the day? Do they turn off automatically?
They do not flash during the day (and even if they did, are not bright enough to be seen during the day easily); they have a photocell installed forcing them to shut down automatically when the sun comes up. You can get these lights without a photocell.

Do you carry barricade lights which shine 24/7?
Yes, on our main barricade light page you can find Type B barricade lights which shine 24/7, since they are high intensity lights.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?
Each light will have a bolt and a fastener. The bolt can be threaded through a hole in the base of the unit and through a hole in the object which you wish to mount it through, and then gets fastened on the other side. These can mount to most traffic safety items such as barricades, traffic barriers, delineators, ultra panels, traffic drums and more.