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Solar 360 Airport Light Dual Function Screwbase [Price for 10]

Lens Color
Solar Masters
Regular Price: $359.50
On Sale For: $339.50 ($33.95 / each)

This screwbase airport barricade light is typically used at airports but can be used in road construction as well.

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Flash Rate:                                  60+/- Times/Minute

Power:                                         .4 watt solar panel

Energy:                                         2.4 volt 1600 mAh

Illumination                                  2 High Intensity LED’s

Effective Intensity:                     6 Candela

Panel Cover Material:                 Polycarbonate

Base Material:                             ABS

Lens Diameter:                            4 inches

Total Height:                               8 inches

Lens Height:                                5 inches

Base Height:                                3 inches

6 Hour Sun Charge:                    120 hrs. dusk to dawn (Flash Mode)

6 Hour Sun Charge:                     72 hrs. dusk to dawn (Steady Mode)

On/Off Switch:                             Automatic on dusk, off dawn

Vandalism:                                    Replaceable solar panel shield

Colors:                                          Amber/Red/Blue/White


Frequently Asked Questions



Can you tell me if these meet FAA specifications?
Yes they meet all FAA specifications/requirements and are allowed to be used on an airport. The most recent FAA circular is AC 150/5370-2F and it meets this.

Why are blue lights so expensive compared to the other colors?
Blue is a rare color to be requested, and special order blue LEDs (not just a blue lens) need to be installed to make them meet requirements. Our blue solar barricade lights typically used for traffic safety are similar and have a long lead time and a large minimum order.

What can these screw into?
The most common application is to screw these into the screw holes on airport barricades, as they are made to fit airport barricades.

Are these LED or incandescent lights?
They have two high intensity LEDs installed in each one.

Is this light fully solar or solar-assist?
Fully solar, so there is no maintenance required.

Do you know the lens diameter?
4" in diameter.

When fully charged by the sun how long will they flash/steadily burn for?
A 6 hour sun charge will get you 120 hours in flash mode and 72 hours in steady burn mode.

Does this have a photocell to automatically turn off at dawn?
Yes there is a photocell in every unit so you don't have to manual turn on/off.

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