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Left Lane Merge Sign [Price for 1]

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Roll Up Left Lane Merge Sign

All merge left symbol signs include cross-bracing and delta full corner pockets. We carry these signs in bulk for large orders. Merge left symbol signs are available in either 36” or 48” measurements. These high-quality, reflective signs ensure that drivers know about merging lanes even at night and in bad weather (note: Non-Reflective Vinyl and Mesh options not recommended for nighttime use). We offer additional road construction stand options as well.

Left lane merge signs ship with a lead time of 5 business days on average.

  • Left Lane Merge Sign Material: Signs are made up of Mesh or non-reflective vinyl for daytime use. Standard Reflective for day and nighttime use. We recommend non-reflective vinyl over mesh since it will last longer, and it's easier to print on so it will ship out faster. For nighttime use, standard reflective is a must.
  • Flag Mount: This is useful to mount safety flags to the top of your sign. Has space for two flags. You can also get the flags from us.
  • Delta Full Corner Pockets: Signs automatically ship with Delta Full Corner Pockets (this is what 90% of sign stands are compatible with). If you would like Sewn or Buckle corner pockets let us know in the order notes we will swap them out free of charge. Corner pockets are how the cross bracing fits into the corners. Since all our signs come with cross bracing automatically, you don't have to worry about the cross bracing not fitting. If you have a Bone, Traffix Devices, or Dicke stand it will be compatible with Delta full corner pockets.
  • Sign To Stand Mounts: 9 out of 10 customers don't need sign-to-stand adapters to make their purchased sign work with their existing stands. The cross bracing on the sign would fit down into the spine of the sign stand. But for California, Washington, and Oregon, sign-to-stand mounts are commonly needed. If you aren't sure, contact us with a picture of your stand and we'll let you know. Our sign to stand mounts are listed here.
  • Not sure what kind of left lane merge sign stand you have? Email us pictures of the stand and we will help you pick the correct corner pockets and sign adapters (if needed) ----> sales@trans-supply.com.

Merge Left Symbol FAQ

What color is a left lane merge sign?

Left lane merge signs are orange diamonds with a black border and black symbol.

What sizes are the left lane merge sign available in?

Our left lane merge sign is available in 36” or 48” and comes in three materials; mesh, non-reflective vinyl, and standard reflective for nighttime.

When can these merge left roll-up signs ship?

Our roll-up left lane merge signs will ship within 5-7 business days of your order completion. Reach out to us directly with your location and we can give you an accurate timetable for delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions