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Roadrumbler Rumble Strips [Price for 1]

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Roadrumbler Road Strips

Roadrumbler rumble strips feature an improved road adhesion that remains durable over long periods of time. It features a physical and audible warning for motorists using its unique raised dot grip system and special grooves. These strips are made from a glass-filled polymer composed of 70% recycled content.


Roadrumbler Road Strip Features

  • Colors: Yellow, White & Fluorescent Orange
  • Dimensions: 24.00" long X 4.00" wide X 0.50" high
  • Materials: UV Stabilized Glass Filled Polymer
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs per strip


RoadRumbler Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes RoadRumbler Strips Unique?

RoadRumbler rumble strips feature a glass-filled polymer that provides a physical and audible warning to motorists.

Are RoadRumbler Rumble Strips Easy To Install?

Yes, 6 strips usually take about 1 quart of epoxy to install.

Are RoadRumblers Durable?

Yes, they have improved road adhesion and weather at the same or below rate as other rumble strips.