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360 Red Solar Flashing Airport Light [Price for 10]

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360 Red Solar Flashing Airport Light

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Dimensions: 5.5"H x5.25"W 10.5 oz.


Custom-manufactured solar light saves time and aggravation since it's so easy to install. Threaded base installs in the 10x96 barricade's fill holes.


Directly out of the box, lights require a day's exposure to UV light and then will run continuously. Fully charged, light will run 72 hours. Each light contains a 1.2 volt battery (included) that holds the solar charge.

AIP eligible! Meets requirements of FAA Airport Circular 150/5370-2F

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these meet FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Requirements?
Yes, they meet all FAA requirements per the most recent circular AC 150/5370-2F.

What do these lights fit into?
These lights fit into our 10 x 96 and 24 x 96 airport barricades, the thread of the base of the light screws into our barricades.

These are fully solar, correct?
Yes, these are fully solar units. You do not need to change any batteries.