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Mounting - 180 Degree Power Lift Kits [Price for 1]

Arrow Board Dimensions
Bent Manufacturing
Regular Price: $1,429.95
On Sale For: $1,409.95 ($1,409.95 / each)
  • Angle-type design
  • No worry about collecting water - Inverted actuator
  • 1.25" square tubing makes up the construction of the unit
  • Actuator will stop automatically when in stored or operating position
  • Warranty will last for 1 year
  • Included: side legs and actuator assembly
  • We do not recommend this for roof mount applications
Model that fits 24" x 48" and 30" x 60" Arrow Boards has an operating height of 31.375" - 34.75" and riding height of 23"

Model that fits 36" x 72" Arrow Boards has an operating height of 37.5" and riding height of 23"

About half of our customers fabricate their own mounting apparatus to fit the vehicle they are attaching it to. The other half buy kits for mounting. There is a lot of mounting customizations due to the shapes of the specialty vehicles these are commonly secured to. We would be happy to quote you a mounting kit, but please realize most vehicles will require some amount of modification to the mounting kit in order to be secured.