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Verticade Panel [Price for 3]

Verticade Sheeting
Boot Option
American Louver
Regular Price: $502.50
On Sale For: $472.50 ($157.50 / each)

Verticade Ultra Panel

  • Sheeting panels are replaceable - remove and clip on new ones - give us a ring to order new or extra parts
  • Area molded in to hold D Cell Barricade Lights
  • Feet fold to allow for stacking and easy transport
  • Feet are spring loaded for quick set up
  • Accepted by NHCRP-350 and meets MUTCD Standards
  • Currently available in white
  • When these are hit, they will lie down flat
  • Skid pads on feet stop most movement in work zones
  • Standard feet are 7lbs when filled with silica sand
  • For added weight get the ballast boot snap on base, 20lbs with silica sand
  • Sheeting is 12" Wide x 36" High

Dimensions: 43.5"H x 21"W x 3"D Weight 27lbs w/ standard feet