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Type B Empco-Lite Barricade Lights [Price for 3]

6 Volt Batteries
Generic Mfg
Regular Price: $314.85
On Sale For: $299.85 ($99.95 / each)


Empco-lite 'Regular' Type B Barricade Light with detachable options





  • Light Meets Current I.T.E. and MUTCD Specifications.
  • The testing for this light was done in an certified and approved laboratory
  • We provide this light in 6 volt (one 6 volt battery) and 12 volt (two 6 volt batteries) models. Look below for info on how long batteries last in each of these units.
  • When using one battery, may be considered a lightweight light meeting NCHRP 350
  • How long do the batteries last in these different model configurations? The 6 volt model will operate on one six volt air alkaline battery for 150 days and two months with two industrial grade batteries. The original 12 volt model will provide adequate signal for up to sixty days, while the Type B D Cell is your best bet. On two 3 volt air alkaline batteries it will operate over 300 days.


Frequently Asked Questions



What types of batteries are required for the different power configurations?
For 6 and 12 volt units, 6 volt batteries are required.

How bright are these lights?
Type B Hi Intensity barricade lights are very bright, significantly brighter than your average barricade light and therefore can easily be seen during the day.

Can these lights be seen during the day?
Yes, these lights are specifically made for instances where a light needs to be seen during the day as well as during the night.

How long do these units last?
The lifetime of these lights is about 3-5 years.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?
Provided with every unit is a bolt and a fastener. Thread the bolt through the hole in the unit base, and then through a hole in the object you are mounting the light to, and then fasten on the other side. Most traffic safety items are able to work with this light.