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Solar Arrow Board Trailers [Price for 1]

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Regular Price: $5,245.00
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Next Generation Solar Assist Arrow Board Trailer 15 & 25 Light Models


Bulk Orders: 15 arrow board trailer units (Full Truck) Qualifies for Significant Savings on Shipping


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The Nex Gen Solar-Assisted Arrow Board M90 Trailer is a sophisticated, low-operating-cost LED arrow board that provides maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through construction zones.  The controller has a revolutionary low power draw.  This system is powered by a battery bank of sealed cutting edge, maintenance-free batteries that are hidden inside the trailer deck, charged by a top-mounted, shadow free solar panel.  The M90 arrow board trailer conforms to and, in most cases, exceeds all federal and state MUTCD specifications. The Solar panel is positioned for maximum charging capabilities in both the operating and travel modes. Available with 15 or 25 lights.


Important: Batteries are hidden and maintenance free. Normally, you would need to check the batteries for power monthly. Also - because the batteries are hidden, no need to worry about theft. The batteries are often stolen and sold for cash. With these units thieves won't be able find them.

Warranty: This arrow board DOES have a warranty, however the specifics of the warranty change often, please contact us for the full warranty information on this model.

Security: The control box is lockable, and the battery box is made of steel. No need to worry about someone changing the settings who shouldn't be, or stealing batteries.

The M90 VITM hi-tech, solid-state controller incorporates an automatic intensity control that keeps the lamps bright, even under low battery conditions. Auto-Trac provides an automatic, full-time tracking system that adjusts the lamp intensity to the ambient light conditions. The controller is located in an easy-to-access lockable location inside the back of the sign case with the batteries securely enclosed and hidden inside the trailer deck. The 5”, amber, PAR 46, LED lamp is a sophisticated, high-output, low-power-consumption, sealed-beam lamp with a life that is unparalleled by other conventional arrow board lamps. The lamp is backed by a five-year warranty.

How Solar Arrowboards Work

The LED lamp panels are powered by a bank of batteries in order to convey bright, distinctive messages to the traveling public. The batteries are in turn recharged automatically by a group of solar panels located at the highest point on the unit. The Solar Message Center is designed with sufficient energy backup (batteries) to operate for a period of 30 days without any sun. The solar panel shall recharge the battery bank at a rate of 2.5 hours sun to one 24 hour period of usage. There is also a charger on each message board for charging boards overnight if needed.



Solar Arrowboard Trailer Features

  • Solar Panel: Single, top-mounted unit that is constantly in horizontal positioning
  • Battery: (2) 12 Volt 18AH sealed maintenance-free batteries hidden inside the trailer deck
  • Lamp: Fully sealed, 5” PAR 46 LED with high-impact plastic hoods
  • Sign Panel: Full-sized 48” x 96” all-aluminum construction, sealed against the elements
  • Controller: On-Board self-contained controller with 7 modes of operation and lockable box
  • Main Frame: 2” x 3” x .120” high-grade steel
  • Axle: 2,000-lb. axle, 1,500lb. leaf springs, roller bearings and hubs
  • Tire Size: P185/70R14
  • Removable Tongue: Designed not only for security but safety as well
  • Hitch: 2" ball standard size. Optional pintle ring available
  • Battery Charger: This is an option on each unit (with/without) but we only list it here with the charger, as that’s the common choice.
  • Note: Frequently using an AC charger will increase life of the battery
  • Finish: Powder coat paint, durable
  • Mast: 3" x 3" x 3/16" steel tube assembly


Note: Frequently using an AC charger will increase the life of the battery


Solar Arrow Board Trailer Specifications

Shipping Weight: 15 Light is 1080lbs & 25-Light Model is 1110lbs
Tongue Weight (Panel Down): 95 lbs
Tongue Weight (Panel Up): 100 lbs
Length: 95"
Width: 96"
Traveling Height: 86"
Operation Height: 136”
Sign Panel Size: 48" H x 96" W
Number of Batteries: 2
Battery Type: 12V 22AH wired in parallel

Optional Solar Arrow Board Trailer Accessories

What does the Modem do? (extra option) Remote Communication! No need to waste time and money going to the location of your board. A modem allows you Real Time Message Updating and Control – program your board via smart phone/tablet/web. Can program changes on your boards up to one year in advance. Can change one board or multiple boards at one time. Hourly Polling and Monitoring- checking battery voltage/alerts. Diagnostic Tool Box-detailed reports including charts and graphs. User access is secure. Comes with GEO fence (if board goes out of your pre-defined area, you will be alerted via email/text). Good for tracking in case it gets stolen or lost. Modem will need data service to operate. We offer the basic level of data service for free if you purchase the modem.
GPS (Tracker) (Comes with Modem): this is a common option for arrow boards, you set up your own geo fence parameters and if the board goes outside the geo fence you get an email or text. You can then track the board on a website using your login info. This is a popular option.
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