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ROAD CLOSED 48 X 30 [Price for 1]

Flag Mount
American Louver
Regular Price: $133.95
On Sale For: $123.95 ($123.95 / each)

48" x 30" Road Closed Roll Up Sign w/ Standard Reflective

All Signs Come With Cross Bracing

Look at Image #2 To See Sign Mounting Options

  • Corner Pockets: How the cross bracing fits into the corners. If you have a Bone, Traffix Devices, or Dicke stand use Delta Full. Sewn Cloth pockets are an older style. For help knowing what you need to fit your sign stand please contact us.
  • Flag Mount: Useful if you want to mount safety flags to the top of your sign. Has space for two flags. You can also get the flags from us.
  • Sign Material: Signs are made up of Mesh for daytime use, Non Reflective Vinyl also for daytime use, and Standard Reflective for day and night time use. This sign is only listed in Standard Reflective as the other materials are so rare for this sign legend. If you need a different material please email or call us.
  • Don't know what kind of sign stand you have? Email us pictures of the stand and we will help you pick the correct corner pockets ----> sales@trans-supply.com.
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