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Size & Material
Flag Mount
Regular Price: $46.95
On Sale For: $43.95 ($43.95 / each)

Lane Ends - Left Symbol Roll Up Sign

All Signs Come With Cross Bracing

Look at Image #2 To See Sign Mounting Options

Lead Time 5 Business Days To Ship Out (Average)

  • Corner Pockets: How the cross bracing fits into the corners. If you have a Bone, Traffix Devices, or Dicke stand use Delta Full. Sewn Cloth pockets are an older style. For help knowing what you need to fit your sign stand please contact us
  • Flag Mount: Useful if you want to mount safety flags to the top of your sign. Has space for two flags. You can also get the flags from us.
  • Sign Material: Signs are made up of Mesh for daytime use, Non Reflective Vinyl also for daytime use, and Standard Reflective for day and night time use.
  • Don't know what kind of sign stand you have? Email us pictures of the stand and we will help you pick the correct corner pockets ----> sales@trans-supply.com.
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