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Crowd Control Barricades [Price for 3]

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Regular Price: $569.85
On Sale For: $539.85 ($179.95 / each)

42 x 96 Crowd Control Barricade

Lead Time: 2-3 Business Days (Average)

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Also called a billboard barricade


42″H x 96″L x 2.5″W
Unit is 33 lbs (58lbs when filled with water) and has a .125″ thick wall
Available colors are green, orange, royal blue, silver, yellow and red.
Average minimum useful life is 8 years.
Patent #6,676,113; Patent #7,540,682 B1; Patent #D599,488

Trans Supply's Pedestrian Barricade –Revenue Generating Flat Stacking Barricade

Our crowd control barricades lots of features, such as being able to display revenue-generating signs and pictures on bright-colored backgrounds. Use this area to bring in extra cash. The area for the display is 36″ Wide x 28.5″ High. Direction, logos, anything can be displayed. There are never-ending possibilities. They won Best New Product Award at the Rocky Mounting Festivals and Events Association of 2001. Mounting hardware is included when signs are kitted to barricades prior to shipping. If you are printing your own signs, please note that the barricades themselves DO NOT include mounting hardware. The hardware we use to mount our signs include the following (per side): Four (4) tap bolts, 1/4" diameter by 1/2" length & Four (4) flat fender washers, 1/4" inside diameter by 1 1/4" outside diameter"

Setup and Storage is a Breeze

Setting up the barricade is easy, and for storage the unit has a rotating foot so it can rotate inward and be stored in a flat pack on a skid. The foot makes the unit able to adjust on uneven surfaces. Don’t worry about misplacing the foot as it is attached to the barricade. There is an attachment hole to put flags or banners on as well.

For Additional Weight and Stability – Ballast

Although the CC42×96 (Manufacture model #) is already stable, you can add up to 3 gallons of water (called ‘ballast’) which adds 25lbs. Set up the barricades in a zig zag pattern if there is concern about wind knocking the units over. Also, if the unit is on an unpaved surface, you can drive a post through the aux hole and into the ground to provide a very secure fence. The barricades can also be locked together to prevent disconnection.

Beat up Barricades?

If your current barricades are heavily used and unsightly, consider these high quality plastic barricades. And the money made on advertising is an added plus!

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