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Mounting - Manual Lift Kits [Price for 1]

Arrow Board Size
Bent Manufacturing
Regular Price: $399.95
On Sale For: $369.95 ($369.95 / each)
  • Right angle design
  • Mounting kit made with 1" square tubing
  • Our supplier has a 1 year warranty on this unit
  • Includes roof mount bar assembly and side legs
  • Not recommended for roof mount applications without roof mount bar assembly
Model that fits 24" x 48" and 30" x 60" Arrow Boards has an operating height of 33" and riding height of 21.25"

Model that fits 36" x 72" Arrow Boards has an operating height of 36.25" and riding height of 21.25"

Mounting: About half of our customers fabricate their own mounting apparatus to fit the vehicle they are attaching it to. The other half buy kits for mounting. There is a lot of mounting customizations due to the shapes of the specialty vehicles these are commonly secured to. We would be happy to quote you a mounting kit, but please realize most vehicles will require some amount of modification to the mounting kit in order to be secured.

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