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Detectable Warning Tile [Price for 2]

Regular Price: $153.90
On Sale For: $133.90 ($66.95 / each)

Detectable Warning Tile

Adhesive is Peel and Stick

Install Quickly and Easily

Installing this tile is very painless. It only takes 15 minutes per mat after you have cleaned the area where it it to be installed.

Rugged Design

Tile is UV stabilized, lightweight and impact modified polymer compositive material so it will not crush, crack, break, chip or wear down and will not fade or start to change colors after years of use.

Peel the Adhesive, and Stick!

Walking surface is waterproof and non-skid, and will fit with the different styles and shapes of concrete sidewalks. There is a special adhesive that is sensitive to pressure that this assembly is secured by.


ADA Warning Mats give pedestrians that are visually impaired a physical warning.

These tiles were made to give pedestrians assistance to find the entrances to buildings. They are good for transit platforms, dangerous vehicular areas and curb ramps.

The tiles are made of an injection-molded polymer composite mat that is economical, lightweight and is great for use in an application where ADAAG is required.

The detectable warning tile color is the same throughout the mat and can be bought in six different colors that meet to ADAAG specifications. If you want a different color contact us, though there will most likely be a minimum order requirement.

Detectable warning mats are manufactured using a UV protection that is specially formulated. It's also made to last for years without fading or discoloration because of a cold weather package.

The tile polymer composite material is a compound that's formulated to meet the strict standards that allow my supplier to give a five year manufacturer's limited warranty which covers defects that happened during the manufacturing process.


Center to Center Dimensions: 2.35" inline, square pattern
Colors: Federal Yellow, Blue, Dark Grey, Clay Red, Brick Red, Black
Dimensions: 24"x24", 24"x36", 24"x48", 24"x60"; 36"x30", 36"x48"
Dome Dimensions: .20" high, .90" at base, .45" at top
Material: UV-stablized impact-modified polymer composite