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Stop Slow Paddles & Signs [Price for 5]

Sign Size
Grade of Reflectivity
Handle Size
American Louver
Regular Price: $299.75
On Sale For: $249.75 ($49.95 / each)

Minimum Order 5, No Exceptions

Roll Up 18" & 24" Stop/Slow Paddle Kits

  • These are full size paddles but the roll up features means it's lightweight, easy to transport and store.
  • All paddle kits come with double sided roll up sign, a handle and a storage bag. Kit has the option of 5' or telescoping 6'/7' handle extension - both snap together in 3 pieces.
  • Sheeting Options: Non Reflective Vinyl or Superbright. Superbright is more reflective than Non Reflective Vinyl.
  • All paddles meet MUTCD Specifications.

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