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Maverick Solar Barricade Lights [Price for 10]

Lens Color
Generic Mfg
Regular Price: $349.50
On Sale For: $329.50 ($32.95 / each)

Solar Barricade Light (Maverick Brand)


Lead Time: 2-3 Business Days (Average)

Minimum Order 10


  • Battery Recharges via a solar panel on top
  • Batteries not needed
  • 3 Way Switch Goes from Steady Burn to Flashing to Off
  • Get 5 Night with 8 Hours of Sun Charge
  • There is no maintenance needed




Frequently Asked Questions


No batteries needed, correct?
Yes, These have an internal battery that is charged by sunlight. They do not need to be replaced, they last the lifetime of the unit. So technically there is a battery in the unit but it does not need to get replaced.

What is the lifespan of this Solar Barricade Light?
2-4 year is the average lifetime.

How much sun is need to get these to flash?
8 hours of adequate sunlight will allow them to shine for 5 nights.

Can these lights flash during the daytime? Is there an automatic turnoff?
They shut down automatically when the sun comes up, they are not meant to be seen or flash during the day.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?
Mounting this unit is very simple. Each unit comes with a bolt and a fastener - thread the bolt through the hole of the light, and through the object you wish to mount the light to. Fasten on the other side. For questions on which products it can mount to please call us. Mounting is typically universal.

Would you consider Solar or Battery Powered Barricade Lights to be most economical?
After about 9 months, a solar powered light makes more sense due to labor and battery costs when replacing the batteries in battery powered units.