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Enviro-Cone 28-36" [Price for 10]

Reflective Collars
Size & Weight
American Louver
Regular Price: $169.50
On Sale For: $149.50 ($14.95 / each)

The MUTCD Compliant Enviro-Cone is 80% recycled by weight and can be recycled again if the cone is destroyed. If ever a stem becomes unusable, simply reorder the stem and reuse the base, no need to buy the entire cone! No more land fills loaded with toxic PVC cones! With more than 50% of the Enviro-Cone being made of recycled materials, it qualifies for Green Points.

Manufactured from low density polyethylene, which provides superior cold weather performance and increases the life span of the Enviro-Cone. The Enviro-Cone does not crack or break down to -45°F. Even in the hottest weather, the Enviro-Cone stands tall and vertical. No more soft and droopy cones in hot weather! The Enviro-Cone provides long term durability with excellent color retention through the use of UV Stabilizers and low density polyethylene plastic.

With its patented Easy Grip Groove handle, the Enviro-Cone provides excellent "gription" for quick deployment and retrieval. The grove makes tying off caution tape quick and easy. The Enviro-Cone is the future of traffic cones.

Did You Know

80% of the weight of the Enviro-Cone is in the base? This makes it more stable than any 7 or 10 lb. PVC cone.


Orange traffic cone shall be 18", 28", or 36" in height and have a total weight of 3, 7, 10, or 12 lbs. ± ¼ lb. Stem of the cone shall be molded from LDPE to provide superior cold/hot weather performance, excellent 100% UV resistance/color retention, and superior impact performance. Base of the cone shall be molded from recyclable rubber and make up 80% of the total weight. Dimensions of the base are to be 15 ¾" × 15 ¾". Cone base shall be removable so that the stem can be replaced. Base will lock onto the stem with molded-in locking lugs on the stem. The stem of the cone shall have recesses for reflective collars and a groove near the top of the cone for easy gription. Tipping angle of the cone shall be no less than 76° from vertical. The stem and base of the traffic cone shall be made in the USA.