360 Red Steady Burn Airport Light

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360 Red Solar Steady Burn Airport Light

Steady Burn (Constantly On) Version Usually Need For Military Bases Only

Dimensions: 5.5"H x5.25"W 10.5 oz.

Heavy-Duty Hazard Lights The Military Grade Hazard Light is engineered with a slightly angled lens to direct light upward and draw special attention from both ground crews and pilots. This model is taller and heavier than our standard hazard light and is ideal for use in harsh conditions or for extended periods of time. These solar airport lights are a cost effective and environmentally sound option for airports and other construction projects.

The Military Grade Hazard Light is designed to screw directly into an airport barricade with a 2" threaded hole.

To maximize the hazard light battery life, remove the battery and store it separately when the light is not being used. The charged light automatically turns on when ambient light falls below 60 lux, which typically occurs during evening civil twilight or inclement weather. The flashing variant (ARL-FL) maintains a 55 blink per minute rate when activated.


Battery: 1.2v Sub-C Class 2200 mAh, Temperature Range: -4°F to +149°F / -20°C to +65°C, Water and Dust Resistant to IP56 Standard.

Light Output: 4 Red LED with effective intensity of 8 candela, Nominal Night Range: 2 miles / 3.2 km, Vertical Divergence: +/- 5°, Horizontal Output: 360°, MOVEMENT AREAS: FAA AC 150/5370 – 2F.

This FAA advisory circular also calls for “Omni-directional red lights either flashing or steady-burning, collapsible barricades, and/or signs to separate all construction/maintenance areas from the movement areas.” REDUCED VISIBILITY: FAA AC 150/5370 – 2F “During reduced visibility or night hours, supplement the barricades with red lights, either flashing or steady-burning.”

FLASH RATE 55 per minute

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these meet FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Requirements?
Yes, they meet all FAA requirements per the most recent circular AC 150/5370-2F.

What do these lights fit into?
These lights fit into our 10 x 96 and 24 x 96 airport barricades, the thread of the base of the light screws into our barricades.

These are fully solar, correct?
Yes, these are fully solar units. You do not need to change any batteries.