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Yellow or Red Solar Barricade Light [Price for 5]

Color of Lens
Solar Masters
Regular Price: $169.75
On Sale For: $149.75 ($29.95 / each)

Yellow/Red Solar Powered Barricade Lights

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This full time solar warning light works for all road, construction projects and many innovative applications such as, oil derricks, detour alters, airports, clear line delineations, and railroads. This unit is bright, easily visible during the night. For lights easily visible during the day, check out our Type B Barricade Lights. This light is made of durable Polycarbonate.


Solar Flash/Steady Burn comes ready to install and completely assembled. There is no WIRING necessary. Universal hardware included (bolt, fastener, tool to turn off/on). This light has Flash and Steady Burn in one unit (just press one button to toggle between off/flash/steady burn).


Solar Powered Barricade Light Specifications:

Flash Rate 60+/- Times/Minute
Height 12 in
Width 8 in
Depth 3 in
Weight 1½lbs
Power .4 watt solar panel
Energy 2.4 volt 1600 mAh
Illumination 2 High Intensity LED’s
Lens Material Lexan (polypropylene)
Base Material Polyethylene
Overcharge Protection built in
6 Hour Sun Charge Three Nights
On/Off Switch Automatic on dusk, off dawn (flashing/steady burn)
Security Security bolt tool included
Attachments Hardware for most traffic safety products
Vandalism Replaceable solar panel shield
Warranty One year limited warranty


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Solar Warning Lights Frequently Asked Questions


These are battery free, correct?

These solar powered barricade lights have an internal rechargeable battery that is charged via sunlight. They do not need to be replaced as they typically would after 2-3 months on a battery powered barricade light.

How long do these units last?

2-4 years is the average. Two years is basically the minimum life for these, and they have been known to last over four years, but 2-4 is the average range.

How much sun do they need to work?

After 6 hours of good sunlight these solar caution lights will be able to shine for three nights straight.

We do not get much sun where these are going to be used, will these still work?

There have been instances where these units were submerged under water for an extended period of time and still absorbed enough sunlight while underwater to flash during the night, so in most cases this unit will work for you no matter where you are using it.

Do these flash during the day? Do they turn off automatically?

They do not flash during the day; they have a photocell which forces them to shut down automatically when the sun comes up. This means no having to go around and shut them off manually.

Do you carry barricade lights which shine 24/7?

Yes, please check out our main barricade light category page for Type B barricade lights which can be seen during the day as they are high intensity lights.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?

With this unit you get a bolt and a fastener. The bolt threads through a hole in the base of the unit and through a hole in the object which you wish to mount it through, and then gets fastened on the other side. These can mount to most traffic safety products including barricades, barriers, looper tubes, ringtop cones, traffic drums, vertical panels and more.

What is a better value, solar barricade lights or battery powered barricade lights?

Solar barricade lights are better in the long run if you plan to use these for about 9 months or more. The cost to replace the batteries as well as the labor involved with the battery powered lights adds up to a point where it is worth it to buy the solar version.

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