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Reflective Sheeting [Price for 1]

Grade of Reflective Sheeting (Reflectivity Level)
Roll Size
Sheeting Color
Traffix Devices
Regular Price: $109.95
On Sale For: $99.95 ($99.95 / each)

Reflective Sheeting Tape Solid Orange or White

For Traffic Drums or Delineator Posts


Orange and White rolls of reflective sheeting for traffic barrels and posts. These rolls come in 50 yard and 100 yard lengths. Keep in mind sheeting is a solid color, the option 'mixed' for sheeting color is if you want 10 rolls (for example) and 5 of them need to be orange and 5 of them need to be white. Grade of reflective sheeting has to do with how much light will reflect back when a light source (sun, car headlights) hits it. Engineer Grade has the lowest level of reflectivity, then Hi Intensity is middle of the line and Diamond Grade is the most reflective.


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