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Earthflex - Ground Mount Delineator [Price for 10]

Post Color
Shape & Diameter
Reflective Bands
Soil Anchor (See image #2)
Regular Price: $394.50
On Sale For: $374.50 ($37.45 / each)

Ground Mount Earthflex Highly Flexible/Durable Delineator

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Hinge System Allows For Many Impacts (Car, Tires) Comes Right Back Up

Earthflex Delineator Meets NTPEP Testing


  • This is the most durable and flexible marker you will find that's impact resistant and can take extreme hot/cold weather.
  • Many color and length options to choose from. Also many reflective stripe options to choose from.
  • This is highly visible delineation that is great for highways, curves, boundary lines, on/off ramps and parking lots.
  • See image #2 above (click to enlarge) for ground anchor options.
  • All posts come with hinge and soil anchor, attached all of these together without tools.
  • Two options for base: galvanized steel soil anchor (see image #2 above) and PSST steel soil anchor. Commonly used tools can drive the galvanized steel anchor into the ground. We also sell post drivers, call and ask us about them.


Click here for our manual post driver, used to help drive the earthflex posts into the ground