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Earthflex Ground Mount Delineator [Price for 10]

Post Color
Shape & Diameter
Reflective Bands
Soil Anchor (See image #2)
Regular Price: $394.50
On Sale For: $374.50 ($37.45 / each)

The Earthflex hinge system ensures post resilience against high-speed vehicle impacts, while its weather-resistant design endures extreme temperatures. They are the perfect choice for applications such as highways, curves, boundary lines, on/off ramps, and parking lots.

Ground Mount Earthflex Delineator

Earthflex delineators are Ideal for highways, ramps, curves, boundaries, and parking lots, it offers high-visibility in various colors and lengths. Installation is tool-free with our 2-piece post and hinge, minimizing costs. The galvanized steel soil anchor easily penetrates compacted soils using common tools, and in case of post replacement, the anchor and hinge stay in the ground—simply remove two bolts, replace the post, and reattach bolts for a hassle-free replacement process.

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earthflex ground mount delineator

Earthflex Delineator Meets NTPEP Testing

  • Resistant to extreme hot and cold weather.
  • Multiple color options
  • Multiple length options.
  • Many reflective stripe options to choose from.
  • Highly visible delineator
  • All posts come with hinges and soil anchors, attached all of these together without tools.
  • Two options for base: galvanized steel soil anchor (see image #2 above) and PSST steel soil anchor.

Earthflex Delineator FAQ

What are the different types of delineators

They can either be directional or omnidirectional. With a directional delineator, they can take a parallel hit by a vehicle, not a perpendicular hit. With an omnidirectional delineator, these types can withstand being hit in every direction.

What model are these Earthflex delineators?

This is the TD5500 Earthflex delineator model.

What tool is best for driving Earthflex posts in the ground?

We highly recommend this manual post driver for putting Earthflex posts into the ground.

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