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Plastic Airport Barricade 12x12x12 [Price for 5]

Flag Option
Light Option
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Regular Price: $479.75
On Sale For: $429.75 ($85.95 / each)

Plastic Airport Barricade 12" x 12" x 12"

Designed for Smaller, General Aviation Airports

  • Wall: .20"
  • Weight: 12lbs Empty, 40lbs Full
  • Only comes in orange. Made of LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene)
  • Made in the USA
  • Resistant to Jet Blast
  • Unit Meets FAA A/C 150/5370-2F
  • Orange/White Reflective Sheeting Pre-Installed
  • Completely FOD Free Unit
  • Frangible
  • Screw in hole for light, hole for flag
  • Stackable, molded in handle
  • This 12" airport barricade will close off areas with more security and authority than a cone

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What is does FOD free mean? It's a term used by the FAA regarding an objects ability to cause debris. When we say this airport barricade is FOD free (even with the light and flag) it means it will not produce debris, and therefore won't produce damage from that debris.

Lasts an a minimum average of 8 years