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Solar Assist Type B Light - High Intensity [Price for 5]

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Regular Price: $524.75
On Sale For: $499.75 ($99.95 / each)

High Intensity Solar Assist Type B Barricade Light

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  • Solar Assist means the solar panel helps to charge the D cell Alkaline batteries giving them a longer performance than non solar assist lights
  • Takes D-Cell Alkaline Batteries to Operate (not included)
  • Don’t have to worry about replacing those expensive rechargeable batteries on some fully solar barricade lights
  • Meets MUTCD and I.T.E. standards – it was tested in an approved laboratory
  • Lens is made of Polycarbonate housing is constructed of High Impact Polypropylene


What is the point in the 'Solar Assist'? Why not just go completely solar? The supplier decided it was important to have batteries as a back up mainly because there are times and environments where there isn't sufficient sunlight so that the solar panel can't charge up enough to last as long as the user needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How bright are these lights?
Type B Solar Assist barricade lights are able to shine 24/7 and be seen, they are quite a bit more bright than an average barricade light.

Can these lights be seen during the day?
Yes you can easily see these lights during the day, they are designed for zones that need warning during the day as well as during the night.

How long do the batteries last on these units?
The solar panel absorbs the sunlight which ‘trickle-charges’ the batteries causing the batteries to last at least 90-120 days before needing to be replaced. Note: Batteries are not included with this unit.

How long do these units last?
3-5 years is a good measure of how long they last.

How do these mount to objects? Can they mount to ____?
Using a bolt and a fastener supplied with each light, thread the bolt through the hole in the unit, and through the hole in the object you are mounting it to. Lights can mount to most traffic safety items.

Can we get different colored lens?
There are other lens options available but please call, as additional charges can result since the color of the LEDs need to be changed to match the color of the lens.