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Bolt Down Plate [Price for 10]

Bolt Down Plate
Solar Masters
Regular Price: $139.50
On Sale For: $129.50 ($12.95 / each)

Bolt Down Plate

This bolt down plate is meant to be used with our boomerang delineators. Use the bolt down plate for a permanent ground mounting solution which helps to make the boomerang base last much longer. No epoxy or butyl pads are needed if using the bolt down plate. Bolt down plate can be sold with or without necessary bolts for installation (we give you the option to only buy the plate as you may be able to find these bolts at a local hardware store for less).

You will need (4) ½” x 2 1/2” lag bolts for concrete installation, or (4) ½” x 4” bolts for asphalt installation. These should be found at any hardware store or purchased from us. Ranking how long adhesion applications will last: butyl pad shortest amount of time, epoxy is next and bolt down plate is permanent and will last the longest.