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34 x 70 Polycade Barrier TB-6 [Price for 4]

Barrier Color
Bent Manufacturing
Regular Price: $1,319.80
On Sale For: $1,239.80 ($309.95 / each)

TB-6 Water Fillable Plastic Barrier

TB-6 32 x 70 Traffic Barricades can be used for many different safety and roadway purposes. These rugged plastic traffic barricades are shipped empty but are easily filled with sand or water. Interlocking joints connect multiple TB-6 units together easily creating a high visibility wall.

Our polycade barriers meet OSHA height requirements for handrails and come in a variety of colors, like orange, white, yellow and green. Each polycade barrier comes with the white and silver reflective strips. You can view these strips in the picture on both sides, in diamond-grade intensity.

34 x 70 Polycade Barrier Specifications

  • Length: 69-3/4" (73-3/4" if you count the 4" connector)
  • Width: 18-1/2"
  • Height: 33-3/4"
  • Weight: 55 lbs (empty), 914 lbs (full)
  • Capacity: 103 Gallons
  • Color Options: Yellow, White, Green, Orange

34 x 70 TB-6 Barriers FAQ

Can A TB-6 Order Consist of Multiple Colors?

You can purchase TB-6 barriers in each color at a minimum quantity of 4. If you want to mix and match colors please email us with the request at sales@trans-supply.com.

What type of barricade is a TB-6?

TB-6 barriers are considered Jersey barricades but made with plastic.

What is the Water Filled Weight of Full TB-6 Barrier

TB-6 polycade barriers have a capacity of 103 gallons and weigh 914 lbs when full of water, and closer to 1200 lbs when filled with sand (though we don’t recommend filling them to the top with sand).

Order TB-6 Polycade Barriers Today

Submit your TB-6 polycade barrier order today with Transportation Supply. Give us a call, or email or chat to get a custom TB-6 polycade barrier quote with the most accurate shipping. In our experience, it will usually be cheaper than the online calculator. View additional traffic barriers on our site if you require other types.