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Full Matrix Message Board [Price for 1]

Additional Features
Work Area Protection
Regular Price: $19,995.00
On Sale For: $18,995.00 ($18,995.00 / each)

SMC 2000 Full Matrix Message Board 


Significant Savings on Shipping For a Full Truckload (5 units)

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Key Aspects When Shopping For a Traffic Message Board



  • Industrial grade trailer will give many years of great service
  • Top solar panel mounting gives maximum exposure to sun without shadows from the system
  • Clear polycarbonate panel is UV inhibited
  • Long life LED lamps are efficient – give 10 year average operational life
  • Flashing message function
  • 25 amp/120 Volt A/C battery charger is built in
  • Message panel can rotation 360 degrees
  • Has 365-day calendar program
  • Heavy duty optional surge brakes
  • 30 day autonomy
  • LED Lamp Matrix (optically enhanced) illuminates entire 2" pixel (optional), extra charge
  • Expanded memory capacity included: Arrow board function capability, 60 different graphic messages, 350 message capacity, also capable of NTCIP compliance programming
  • Proper stability and placement possible because of 4 leveling jacks
  • Easy-to-access message panel
  • Intensity control - automatic
  • 12 volt operation also non-hazardous
  • Directional alignment not a problem with sighting device

The control box is lockable, and the battery box is made of steel. No need to worry about someone changing the message who shouldn't be, or stealing batteries.

Full-Matrix Design
The continuous, full-matrix design allows for the display of messages using graphic symbols, text or both. Graphics are displayed at a typical 50-inch height while text messages are displayed using either 28" or 20" tall characters.

LED Lamp Matrix
Advanced LED technology is incorporated in this message board. The LEDs are directed under special optics, which enhances the light from each pixel and makes the message legible from far away - up to 1,400 feet away.

Solar-Assist Power
The Full-Matrix Message Center has long-lasting service, it’s powered by deep-cycle batteries. The batteries are re-energized by a solar panel big enough to provide maximum charge capability. Only 2-1/2 hours of good sunshine are needed for a full day of operation, and 30 days of operation without sunlight are possible with this unit.

Pre-Programmed Text And Graphics
This Message Board comes standard with 60 graphic symbols and 250 text messages in the system's memory. This means minimizing set up time, making the day to day operation of the unit easier. You can also hold 100 custom messages in this board.

Remote Programming Capability
Paired with the remote communication option, you can create customer messages from a remote location with this message board

Proven System Integrity
My supplier has put thousands of these Solar Message Centers in operation internationally since they were released. This Message Board is virtually unmatched in both reliability and performance. It really is an intelligent transportation information system.


Unit Specification

  • Raised height - 164" (4.16 M)
  • Travel height - 107" (2.71 M)
  • Width - 93" (2.36 M)
  • Length with tongue - 194.5" (4.94 M)
  • Length w/o tongue - 144" (3.65 M)
  • Weight - 2700 lbs. (1224.7 Kg)
  • Energy Source - 4D Deep Cycle batteries
  • Autonomy - 30 days @ 78 Degrees F (25 Degrees C)
  • Generator - solar panel array
  • Recovery rate - 2.5 hours good sun per day
  • Temperature range - (-) 20 Degrees F / 120 Degrees F (-29 Degrees C / 49 Degrees C)
  • Lift mechanism - Leak resistant electro-hydraulic with optional manual backup
  • Main Frame - 2" x 4" x .120" high grade steel (5.08 CM x 10.16 CM x .30 CM)


Sign Case Specification


  • Sign Case Specifications
  • Height - 79.5" (1.93 M)
  • Width - 133" (3.53 M)
  • Character Height - 20" (50.8 CM), 28" (71.1 CM)
  • Lamp - Optically enhanced L.E.D.
  • Legibility - up to 1400 ft. (427 M)
  • Full matrix pixels - 25 rows / 48 columns
  • Illumination - Active L.E.D.


Computer Specifications


  • Control Console Display: LCD
  • Pre-programmed Messages: 250 included
  • User Programmed Capability: 100 messages possible
  • Flash Rate: Is Adjustable
  • Update Speed: 100 Milliseconds
  • Removable Solid State design
  • Off-the-shelf QWERTY keyboard
  • Console box light is for night operation


Please Call for Extra Options Such As:


  • Internet-based remote communication
  • CDMA Cellular Phone Option
  • Radar
  • Pintle (Lunette) Hitch
  • Extra Battery


Character Info


Character size on this board ranges from 13.5" to 61" depending on font.  At the 'standard' 18" font you can fit 8 characters per line and it can do 3 lines maximum.  So total characters per 'page' is 24 for this font.  At the smallest 13.5" font you can fit 12 characters per line and a max of 4 lines.  You can have multiple pages for a given message.  For example page 1 'Road Work Ahead' page 2 '2am-6am Weekdays'