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Portable Strobe [Price for 5]

Lens Color
Work Area Protection
Regular Price: $499.75
On Sale For: $449.75 ($89.95 / each)

This Empco strobe light uses the latest technology, and so does the rest of Empco's line of strobe lights. Reliability and long life were the two main concerns when building this warning light. To give the highest brightness with the least amount of power consumption, Empco combines great solid state circuitry, xenon gas bulbs and poly carbonate lens which are optically designed. We have other versions of strobe lights as well.

The 7402 Series (Manufacturer Part #) of Portable Strobes all have .48 amps and 3.8 joules units. Two to Four spring terminal batteries (6 volt) are used in the model 7402P. The light pictured above is manufacturer's model number 7402 and has an optional handle and magnetic base (not included in price).

Minimum Order: 4

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