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Blue Solar Barricade Lights [Price for 5]

Lens Color
Interplex Solar
Regular Price: $274.75
On Sale For: $249.75 ($49.95 / each)

Blue Solar Barricade Light

This full time warning light works for all road, construction projects and many innovative applications such as, oil derricks, detour alters, airports, clear line delineations, and railroads. This unit is bright, easily visible during the night. For lights easily visible during the day, check out our Type B Barricade Lights. This light is made of durable Polycarbonate.

Solar Flash/Steady Burn comes ready to install and completely assembled. There is no WIRING necessary. Universal hardware included (bolt, fastener, tool to turn off/on). This light has Flash and Steady Burn in one unit (just press one button to toggle between off/flash/steady burn).

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